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The Law Offices of Irwin R. "Rob" Miller

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Representing Clients in Serious Personal Injury Cases including: Motorcycle Accidents, Automobile Accidents, Slip and Fall Accidents and Dog Bites.

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Motorcycle Accidents

If you are in need of an Oxnard motorcycle accident lawyer, the Law Offices of Irwin R. "Rob" Miller...

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Automobile Accidents

In southern California, as many as one out of every five cars on the road at any given time may be driven by...

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Slip and Fall Accidents

Property owners owe a duty to keep their premises reasonably safe from hazards. A slip or trip and fall...

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Oxnard Car Accident Lawyer

In southern California, as many as one out of every five cars on the road time may be driven by an uninsured driver. Even those that are insured may only carry the minimum amounts required by law, which often prove inadequate to compensate the victim of a serious accident. Representation from an experienced Oxnard car accident attorney with a record of success is critical to negotiating a fair settlement or winning a substantial verdict that gets you the compensation you need to make up for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages. The Oxnard auto accident lawyers at the Law Offices of Irwin R. Miller have 40 years of experience and success representing victims of automobile accidents and know how best how to handle each case.

Camarillo Car Crash Attorney

Our client was driving on the Pomona freeway behind the defendant, who was transporting portable toilets in a pickup truck. One of the toilets fell off the truck and landed on the freeway. Our client swerved to avoid the toilet and collided with the center divider. The defendant initially claimed that winds were to blame rather than negligence and disputed the nature and extent of our client's injuries and our client's estimate of the damages. The defendant finally admitted liability at a settlement conference and offered $75,000 to settle the case. Rob Miller settled the case one week before trial for $575,000.

In another case, a 16-wheel tractor-trailer rig drove over a piece of sheet metal on the freeway, severing diesel tank fuel lines and causing a fuel spill on the roadway. A following driver in a van upon hitting the spill, swerved across several lanes and the shoulder, down an embankment, and crashed into our client's work truck. With the help of an expert witness who used drag sled testing to establish the coefficient of friction on the road surface, we were able to prove that the driver who struck our client was negligent. Rob Miller obtained a verdict establishing liability followed by a settlement for $851,000.

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Nobody can predict the outcome of a case or be certain of winning at trial, but we have found that the harder we work and the more thoroughly we prepare, the greater the likelihood of a positive result that meets or exceeds expectations. That is why our office limits the volume of cases we take, so we can devote our time and energies to achieving success for every client we represent. Call to find out if we can help you as well. If you or someone you love has been injured in a Ventura County automobile accident, contact us online for a free consultation or call us at 805-486-2100.