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The Law Offices of Irwin R. "Rob" Miller

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Representing Clients in Serious Personal Injury Cases including: Motorcycle Accidents, Automobile Accidents, Slip and Fall Accidents and Dog Bites.

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Motorcycle Accidents

If you are in need of an Oxnard motorcycle accident lawyer, the Law Offices of Irwin R. "Rob" Miller...

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Automobile Accidents

In southern California, as many as one out of every five cars on the road at any given time may be driven by...

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Slip and Fall Accidents

Property owners owe a duty to keep their premises reasonably safe from hazards. A slip or trip and fall...

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Oxnard Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you are in need of an Oxnard motorcycle accident lawyer, the Law Offices of Irwin R. "Rob" Miller has particular experience and expertise representing victims of motorcycle accidents in Oxnard and throughout southern California. A collision between a motorcycle and a car or truck can cause devastating injuries or wrongful death to the rider, causing considerable expenses, pain and suffering to the rider or family members. Not only are motorcycle riders much more vulnerable and exposed to injury than the better-protected occupants of cars and trucks, but due to their size motorcycles are more likely to be struck by a negligent driver who is not paying attention or by a reckless or aggressive driver who does not give the rider the room he or she needs to maneuver properly.

It is common for the driver of an automobile or truck to claim that the motorcycle rider was driving negligently or recklessly and caused or contributed to the accident. The accident attorneys at the Law Offices of Irwin R."Rob" Miller understands what it takes to stand up to these charges and hold the responsible parties accountable for their actions.

Camarillo Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Our offices have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of injured motorcycle riders. In one case, the defendant entered an intersection against the traffic light and struck our client who was riding his motorcycle lawfully through the intersection, throwing him over the automobile and causing serious fractures to his right arm and leg. The defendant claimed that the light was green, but our Oxnard personal injury lawyer located several witnesses to the accident that the light was red. Rob Miller obtained a $1,000,000 settlement, including damages for past and future medical expenses and lost earnings.

In another case, our client collided with an oncoming one-ton Waste Management truck pulling a trailer loaded with trash dumpsters which extended beyond the edge of the trailer and exceeded the legal width for the trailer. When the truck cut a curve, it encroached into our client's lane, striking our client with one of the trash containers. The injury required our client to have his left leg amputated below the knee. The defendant contended that our client was speeding, riding too close to the center divider line and was an inexperienced, unlicensed motorcycle rider. The jury found the defendant 100% negligent and awarded our client a verdict of $4,269,169.

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Although they make up only about three percent of motor vehicles on the roads, motorcycles are involved in about 11 percent of all highway fatalities each year. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcycle riders are nine times more likely to be injured in a crash than the occupants of a car, and 37 times more likely to die in the accident. Approximately 80 percent of motorcycle crashes result in injury or death, compared to about 20 percent for automobiles. Serious injuries or wrongful death cases require particular expertise to make sure you are fully compensated for the damages caused. If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident, call us at 805-486-2100 or contact us for immediate assistance.